Cost Control Automation

Automatic cost reduction for high-frequency claim areas – efficiency and lowered costs for both the insurance company itself, vendors and partners. Connect with your suppliers and downsize claims operation costs.

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Automation rate

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an average number automated invoices

Auto approval of accurate invoicing

Apply cost control automation with the intelligent invoice and receipt engine to your preferred claims area. The engine converts any type of payment document into electronic files for detailed cost control on a line-by-line basis. Through existing agreements with suppliers, each claim, repair or visit is charged according to the correct damage amount.

- Automated payouts and solid cost control
- Accepts all incoming formats – e.g. PNG, JPEG, PDF or XML, etc.
- Semi-automated handling of deviated invoices

Automate your payout process
Configured to your needs

Control and automatic settlements

When an invoice conflict occurs, it transfers to a semi-automated fallback for review. Where adjusters navigate in a single, structured and accurate source of relevant information of the particular claim. Invoice faultiness is detected by a real-time updated database where any pricing or item differentiation on the invoice appears clearly highlighted. And by selecting your relevant metrics, payouts of systematic fraud issues can easily be identified and reduced.

- Configurable without IT impact
- Modules adaptable for numerous claims areas
- Invoice statistics on a line-level
- Facilitate for suppliers and partners too


Our customers experience up to 48% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

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Modules in Cost Control Automation


Cost reduction in every aspect of car glass claims.


Automate your rental car claims process.


Intelligent automation of towing claims.


Automate veterinary claims settlements.