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Automate your rental car claims process – reduce manual administration and lower the cost of each claim.

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Automation rate

€ 200k

In yearly savings compared to the previous solution

Automate rental car claims and staying in control

The rental car claims product keeps you in control and manages admin tasks automatically. By collecting and reading invoices digitally, you are sparing your team tons of time. Managing them automatically brings you to a whole new efficiency level and significantly reducing the cost of your daily claims management.

- Up to 90 percent automation rate
- Reduce costs by € 2-3/claim with automatic invoice reading

Automate your claims processes
Configured to your needs

Delivering cost control and uniformity

Each invoice line is examined and common layouts are established for efficient automation. Forcing all data, regardless of supplier or vendor, to be equal and comparable. Claims adjusters are assigned semi-automated cases where highlighted fields point out why it requires a review. Along with relevant details of the customer's insurance terms, deductible and car class.

- Managing all formats – easy to get started
- Detailed and comparable statistics providing prerequisites for procurement
- Covering all types of invoice formats, e.g. PDF, XML or e-invoice


Our customers experience up to 48% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

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Hassle-free and efficient for all parties

Enable efficiency for rental car companies through the integrated workflow. The rental car firm retrieves any necessary information via open APIs to automatically form the desired invoicing ground. Where they access all damage information, uncovering if there is a counter-party company and potential distribution amounts. Without ever leaving the ERP system at any stage – enabling an increased repair frequency.

- Efficient administration and invoice for the rental car company estimates savings of € 10-15 per rental/claim
- Significant reduction of insurance administrative work
- Less phone calls and communication with the rental car company