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Make the insurance customer journey your #1 differentiator. We create digital, automated and secure processes for seamless insurance experiences.

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Friction-free insurance processes

Claims Automation

Automate decisions and obtain a high-quality claims department.

Insurance Automation

Let your insurance scale with ease through automated processes.

Cost-control Automation

Automatic cost reduction for high-frequency claim areas.

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Insurance AUTOMATion

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Insurance automation in the cloud

Explore how digital processes can streamline your insurance operations. Eliminate manual claims tasks and reduce costs with the configurable software – easily adapt it to your existing processes.

Easy adaption & configuration
Standard integrations & open APIs

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Our customers experience 56% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

Claims Automation
Automation rate
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Experiences of insurance automation

"We are proud of our new digital child insurance process, which has been top-ranked by The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau."

Per Täckenström
ICA Försäkring

"We can quickly reach out to our group insurance customers with uncomplicated digital services, and it plays a major role in our digital transformation."

Fredric Janssen
Max Matthiessen

"We can issue most of our insurances automatically and instantly as the application is signed by the customer – reducing our manual tasks drastically."

Mats Arnström
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