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Smart solutions for your insurance processes

We thrive in simplifying complex workflows to eliminate manual tasks and reduce costs. Explore how Wisentic can streamline your digital operations and insurance processes for a sustainable future.

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Insurance AUTOMATion

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Powered by cutting-edge technology and AI. Enjoy faster settlements, streamlined claims processing and reduced leakage.

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ICA boosts customer journey with Claims Automation

ICA Försäkring is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in the Nordics, learn how they scaled their business.


Our customers experience 56% in overall savings from claims automation.

Experiences of intelligent automation

"Our child insurance process is now digital, and we are proud of our new process that has been top-ranked by The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau."

Per Täckenström
ICA Försäkring

"We can quickly reach out to our group insurance customers with uncomplicated digital services, and it plays a major role in our digital transformation."

Fredric Janssen
Max Matthiessen

"Wisentic enables us to instantly collect digital insurance applications from customers and it's reducing our manual tasks drastically."

Mats Arnström
Länsförsäkringar AB

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