Claims Automation

Allow policyholders to submit claims fast and digital. Apply touchless workflows and decision-automation for friction-free claims processing. Eliminate waiting time and repetitive manual tasks by automating the claims customer journey.

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Claims adjuster working on claims
Administration savings

€ 200k

In yearly savings compared to the previous solution

World-class claims experiences

Offer world-class claims experiences and gain ownership of the costs with less resources. Achieve a true seamless claims customer journey by automating manual processing tasks through intelligent forms, workflows and integrations. Enable automated decisions for the entire claims journey – from FNOL to settlement.

- Operational efficiency and competitive advantage
- Modular structure enabling short time-to-market
- Seamless customer journey from FNOL to settlement
- Customize according to your company profile

Automate your entire claims processes
Configure with ease to your needs

Seamless claims automation workflows

Allocate any loss adjustment expenses and allow claims adjusters to focus on more complex tasks. By reviewing a single, structured and accurate source of all relevant data within the claim from any semi-automated case. Put more focus on cases that require investigation rather than spending time on recurring administrative tasks.

- Automate all open-and-shut claims
- Vendor management modeling
- A product that truly scales with you
- Progress from ongoing data insights


Our customers experience up to 56% in overall savings and a reduced claims leakage.

Insurance claim report due to lost sunglasses

20 000

+ 4.4%
AUTOMATed claims/month

Modules in Claims Automation

Motor module

User-friendly forms and automation of admin tasks.

Property module

Automate and manage all kinds of property claims with ease.

Injury module

Dynamic user-friendly forms and automation of admin tasks.

Travel module

Seamless claims journeys and automated settlements.