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Intelligent automation of car towing claims – bypass administrative tasks and lower costs.

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Achievable automation rate depending on incident type  

Automate every phase of the towing process

Reduce the cost of today's claims operation with an intelligent towing process for every step. The towing product keeps you in control and completes manual tasks automatically. Spare your team a lot of time by collecting and managing invoices digitally, facilitating your day-to-day claims management.

- Up to 90 percent automation of claims handling
- Reduce the cost of loading invoices by € 2-3/claim

Automate your claims processes
Configured to your needs

Delivering cost control and uniformity

Each invoice line is examined and common layouts are established for efficient automation. Forcing all data, regardless of supplier or vendor, to be equal and comparable. Attaining detailed statistics and providing conditions for superior procurements. Semi-automated invoices not passing the automation are assigned to adjusters, where highlighted fields point out why a review is required.

- Easy to get started as all formats can be handled initially
- Detailed and comparable statistics provide a prerequisite for procurement
- Covering all types of invoice formats, e.g. PDF, PNG, XML or e-invoice


Our customers experience up to 48% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

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Control the metrics that make the difference

The product offers a wide variety of configurable metrics and controls. In addition to contractual checks, unique towing controls can also be formed. For example repair items, distance, control of the right to TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator), etc. Making it easy to adapt the process to your needs and goals.

- Detailed systematic controls provide a 10 percent reduction in claims costs
- Contract controls can be configured uniquely and are expandable
- Fast time-to-market