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We build technology to create satisfied customers, reduce costs of claims & administration for insurers through cost control and intelligent automation.

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Our story

Since the start in 1994, we have strived to design intelligent automation for insurers. In mid-2021 Wisentic was merged into one from two separate companies, Belivia and Nocere. A seamless merge since the companies already shared the same customer segment and processes.

The company's expansion led to a new level of market reach, our technology and expertise support industry-leading insurers all over the Nordics. Now thriving further out in Europe – making insurance processes easier, for all.

For almost 30 years in the industry, we have delivered secure, configurable and modern cloud services to all types of insurance companies. With this experience, we offer services and guidance for future insurance processes.

We're a Swedish insurtech company
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I am incredibly proud of the quality, impact and value our products carry along with our proficient team supporting it within the company.

Niclas Nevenstam
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Sustainable and secure digital transformation

We secure digital transformation. Our processes practices around ISO 27000 standards, where we as a company, together with our processes and technology prioritizes based on the risk they constitute. Through multiple decades of insurance technology expertise we have discovered how to create compliant insurance operations. Along with our sustainability efforts, based on the 7 areas of ISO 26000 and UN's sustainable development goals defined in Agenda 2030, to build a sustainable digital-first world.


was Wisentic founded after many years in the industry, and our insurance technology expertise was initiated.

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