Wisentic Travel

Enable seamless, mobile-friendly & always on claims for your policyholders on the move.

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Watching a plane while traveling
Administration savings

€ 200k

In yearly savings compared to the previous solution

Available on all devices at all times

Offer fast and convenient rescue for your policyholders on the move. The need to stay available for traveling customers is as important as offering solution that always serves – regardless of the customer's location and device. Wisentics Claims Automation keeps you and your policyholders covered.

- Mobile first layout
- Always on – works anywhere, 24/7
- Excellent customer experiences

Automate your claims processes
Configured to your needs

Simplifying claims for you and your customers

Use the dynamic forms to guide the customer in what claim information to submit. Assemble complete claims every time and let the customer get decisions faster. Thus eliminating unnecessary follow-up calls. The claims will therefore always be structured in the same format, enabling numerous automation opportunities.

- Complete uniform claim information every time
- A guided customer experience
- Automate decision-making, settlement and payout


Our customers experience up to 56% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

Lost luggage to report a claim

20 000

+ 4.4%
AUTOMATed claims/month
Claim adjuster working on computer

Automate settlements, save time and effort

Let the decision-making and settlement of reported claims be automated. To allow employees to focus on higher-value tasks, save time and drive customer satisfaction to a new extent.

- Grow your team by eliminating simple tasks
- Higher competence within your team
- Automatically notify policyholders about the claims next steps and decision