Property module

Handle and manage all varieties of property claims with ease, and automation.

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Father of a family reporting property claim digitally
Headphones as an example of a claim
Administration savings

€ 200k

In yearly savings compared to the previous solution

Claims in a seamless customer journey

Receive complete claim cases every time with Wisentics dynamic forms, no need for a call or email to convey missing information. The claimant is asked to fill out any information the specific claim requires, thanks to the intelligent and dynamic property forms.

- Customizable dynamic forms
- Complete claim information every time
- Digitally signed claims
- Property-specific objects

Complete claims cases
Customized property claim-forms

Automated claim analysis and fraud detection

Configure rules and processes of the property module to automate your claims operation. Offering a large variety of automatic decision integrations, such as the estimated value of replacement and fraud-detection – apply settings based on what's necessary for your business and simplify complex cases.

- Fraud detection to improve automation
- Automatically notify policyholders about the case status and decision
- Integrate valuation solutions and lower claim costs


Our customers experience up to 56% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

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20 000

+ 4.4%
AUTOMATed claims/month
Claims adjuster using claims automation

Automatic decisions for qualified claims

Let the claims adjusters focus on reviewing complex cases instead of dealing with administrative tasks. For semi-automated cases, e.g. when fraud is detected – a workflow assembles all necessary information for the claims adjuster to make their decisiton. Increasing the manageable volume of claims with your current workforce, while providing fast and fair settlements for policyholders.

- Automatic analysis of every claim
- Guided workflows for semi-automated claims
- Increase claims adjuster's competence