Wisentic and SRF in a new partnership after procurement

February 23, 2023

New deal – SRF Partners With Wisentic

Wisentic and SRF (Stockholmsregionens Försäkring) are proud to announce a new collaboration through a successful procurement.

The captive insurance company SRF has selected Wisentic as their insurtech provider – and will implement all of Wisentic's products. The entire product portfolio includes Claims Automation, Insurance Automation and Cost Control Automation. Further proving their commitment to providing innovative solutions for customers and employees.

With Wisentic's insurtech solutions, SRF will be able to offer its customers a seamless and personalized insurance experience. Allowing SRF to automate manual processes, reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

"We are, to say the least, excited to supply SRF with our technology and products," said Wisentic CEO, Niclas Nevenstam. "Wisentic and our insurtech products have supported SRF in their success for a long time, and we are proud to continue assisting their growth."

The new partnership between SRF and Wisentic marks an exciting chapter for both companies, to provide innovative and personalized insurance solutions.

About SRF: Stockholmsregionens Försäkring operates as an insurance captive company to reduce the risks and costs for municipalities in the Swedish Stockholm region, offering insurance solutions and expertise in preventing and managing claims.

Victor Olaisen
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