Svedea uplifts car glass management with Wisentic

June 20, 2024

Svedea expands partnership with Wisentic for enhanced car glass management Svedea is expanding its collaboration with Wisentic by implementing the Glass product to strengthen car glass claims handling.

Since 2021, Svedea has used Wisentic's Pets product for managing animal claims. They are expanding their product lineup by integrating Wisentic Glass, which operates on the same platform as the Pet product, to handle car glass claims.

David Dahlström, Group Manager of Technology & Procurement at Svedea and a key decision-maker, says: "Choosing to collaborate with Wisentic feels natural to us, especially considering the impact their products deliver. Through this partnership, we can focus on what matters most: delivering even better service to our customers and partners."

With the implementation of Wisentic Glass, Wisentic will handle all car glass claims for Svedea's customers.

Niclas Nevenstam, CEO of Wisentic, comments on the collaboration: "We're delighted to sustain our successful partnership with Svedea as they pursue enhanced efficiency in automotive claims handling. We're particularly excited that our claims adjusters will now oversee all of Svedea's glass damage cases."

He adds, "We've noticed an increased industry interest in reducing costs related to car glass claims, and that's where our product is incredibly relevant."

Svedea and Wisentic look forward to expanding their partnership and improving the efficiency of car glass claims handling.

About Svedea: Founded in 2010, Svedea offers a wide range of insurance products in both the private and corporate markets. Svedea aims to provide smooth insurance solutions with high customer satisfaction and has been recognized by SKI as having Sweden's most satisfied customers in both vehicle and animal insurance. With a customer-focused strategy, Svedea has established itself as a market leader in motorcycle, boat, ATV, and snowmobile insurance.

About Wisentic: Wisentic is one of Sweden's leading insurtech companies with offices in Stockholm and Västerås. Wisentic offers insurance companies products in automation and cost control to optimize the customer journey and streamline claims handling and administration.

Victor Olaisen
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