Launching Wisentic's New Glass App

March 8, 2023

We are excited to announce that we are launching our new photo app – the Wisentic Glass App! Designed to make it easier for our suppliers to send photos of their customers’ glass claims. It features a simple, no-fuss interface that will require a minimum amount of effort and clicks.

Besides a new and improved interface, the app also offers the ability to resend photos, in case it's needed. All photos are saved in the app by registration number, to simplify the search of past photos when required.

The app is available in English, Swedish and Norwegian. Download WisenticGlassApp for free on App Store and Google Play. For login details, please contact

What is Wisentic Glass App?

It's the app for workshops using Wisentics glass module, where simplicity and efficient administration is the key feature. Take the photos of glass damages in the app, fill in the registration number and submit it to the insurance company. All of the photos will be saved in case you need to send them again at a later time.

Victor Olaisen
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