Mercer in Digital Transformation with Wisentic

October 31, 2023

Mercer is undergoing a significant transformation for their group insurance process through a strategic partnership with Wisentic. This collaborative effort introduces digital applications for group insurance, streamlining the utilization and management of Mercer's services.

Oscar Lekander, at Mercer expresses enthusiasm for the digitization of the company's group insurance operations. "Our collaboration with Wisentic grants us rapid and user-friendly access to digital services for our clients. Our objective is to simplify and enhance our clients' experience, and digitizing our group insurance services marks a pivotal milestone in that ambition."

This digital transformation also extends to the handling of applications and health declarations for co-insured parties, all of which are now seamlessly managed through digital means.

Angelica Nevenstam, Product Owner at Wisentic, shares her thoughts on the partnership. "We are delighted to collaborate with Mercer, a prominent player in the industry. Our digital group insurance product has garnered high praise from both our clients and their customers. Group insurance often involves intricate regulations and specific procedural nuances. Through automation and regulatory compliance, we have streamlined what was once a complex and time-consuming administrative process, resulting in a smooth and efficient experience for all stakeholders."

Victor Olaisen
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