How to run Claims as usual during the Holiday Season

May 31, 2023

As the summer holidays approach, insurers face a wave of claims that can disrupt operations and possibly impact customer satisfaction. During this season, variations in staffing and for certain areas – claim volumes can arise, leading to the need for efficient claims processing. Automation plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth operation by assisting with claim processing

Beat staffing difficulties during the holiday season

  1. Support the claim team with automated workflows. Access the power of automating manual tasks in the claims processing journey. From claim intake and validation to data extraction and evaluation, with speed and accuracy. By automating these tasks, insurers can expedite claims handling, reduce processing times and ensure that summer vacations have minimal impact on the overall claims workflow.
  2. Streamline the documentation processes for all parties. During the summer holidays, insurers often receive a higher number of claims accompanied by extensive documentation. By offering digital document processing, such as mandatory attachments and fields, you can streamline handling and processing of the claim related documents. By digitizing and automating document processing, it can reduce manual efforts, eliminate paperwork delays and reduce cases that require completion, regardless the time of the year.
  3. Automated systems help prevent and detect fraud. Managing claims and uncovering fraud becomes more challenging when insurance offices have fewer or less experienced coworkers available during the summer holidays. By analyzing claim data, identifying patterns, and flagging potential fraud activities. By detecting fraudulent claims early in the process, risks can be identified and financial interests protected, even when resources may be stretched due to vacations.

Backing up the claims department all year around
Let automation reduce your manual efforts, accelerate claims handling, and minimize disruptions caused by vacation schedules. Ultimately, automation empowers insurers to efficiently handle increased claim volumes, uphold customer satisfaction and maintain operational excellence – no matter what season we are in.

Niclas Nevenstam
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