ICA boosts customer journey with Claims Automation

ICA boosts customer journey with Claims Automation

ICA Försäkring was founded in 2015 and today, they are one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the Nordics. In addition to the strong brand ICA holds, they differ from industry competitors with its digitized and modern customer relationship. Wisentic has supported ICA in several insurance processes for many years, and one central part of the success arises from claims automation.

Challenge: Desired process simplicity in a digital landscape

Adam Andersson, business developer at ICA Insurance
Adam Andersson, Business Developer at ICA Insurance

Adam Andersson, Business Developer at ICA Försäkring, was involved early in the implementation of the Wisentics Claims Automation product.

- We looked for a supplier who could digitize our internal processes and strengthen the customer experience, says Adam.

To succeed in filtering out paper processes and creating a more efficient customer journey. Adam highlights they craved simplicity, increased digital presence and reduced manual administration.

Solution: Automation carrying administration savings 

By automating claims settlements and customer communication, ICA can now prevent a significant amount of manual administration. Claims adjusters can now avoid long loops of completion emails thanks to the dynamic claims forms the automation is offering. These collect all necessary information from the claimant for the specific claims area. And policyholders are kept informed by automatic updates about the current status of their cases.

In more straightforward cases of claims, the entire process, from registration to settlement and payment – is automated. Valuation, compensation rate, decisions and communication are performed seamlessly by the Claims Automation product. To compress waiting times and maintain a friction-free customer journey. And allow claims adjusters to spend more time on managing complex and time-consuming cases.

Result: Seamless and efficient claims

Ann-Charlotte Jenmert, Claims Manager at ICA Försäkring gives her perspective on the collaboration.

- We have taken yet another step toward the insurance company we want to be in terms of efficiency, digitization and customer experience. We are proud of the claims process ICA now offers both policyholders and the internal workforce. The ongoing partnership with Wisentic strongly aligns with our digital transformation.

"The vision is to hold Sweden's most efficient claims department."

Adam Andersson states that the foundation has been applied for what will be enforced in future projects with Wisentic – to benefit both customers and internal operations. The collaboration has worked incredibly well and generated powerful clarity for internal processes and customer relations. "The future vision is to process twice as many claims cases - with the same quality and workforce we have today and thus, hold Sweden's most efficient claims department", ends Adam.

Angelica Nevenstam, Product owner at Wisentic about the partnership with ICA.

– It has been very exciting to be part of ICA Försäkring's growth, which for us started back in 2018. Our collaboration has carried a genuine and engaged exchange of skills on both ends. And we look forward to continuing to support ICAs products and future innovations.

ICA Försäkring is one of the fastest-scaling insurance companies in the Nordics and Claims Automation has proved to be a key to growth.

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