Wisentic Health

Collect and process health declarations to simplify the management of the policyholder's records.

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Health declaration records from a hospital

ca 75 %

of all cases will be fully automated, the remaining part is semi-automated.

Automated health declaration collection

Let health declarations become an effortless part of the customer application process, and retrieve the exact information you require. Due to intelligent rule-based decisions, the majority of cases can be managed automatically. In very complex cases, the underwriter can decide to close the case immediately – since all relevant case information is collected.

- Verify, identify and sign digitally
- Automatic collection of medical records
- Eliminate supplementary questions
- Automated underwriting process

Automate underwriting decisions
Scalable to your needs

Full control of your automated underwriting

The intelligent dynamic health collection form is arranged based on your unique rules. Only acquiring the necessary information to fulfill the purpose requested and to increase customer integrity. Allowing you to shorten protracted processes by eliminating customer confusion and supplementations.

- Only ask relevant questions to the customer
- Decision support configurable to your rules, products, etc.
- Traceability of customer process versions
- Increase customer integrity

96 %

Completed health declaration applications.

Older man submitting his health declaration
Simplified process
of health declarations
4 health declarations pending
Underwriter reviewing a health declaration

Efficiency for all parties

Health declaration collection is usually one of the most complicated moments in the application process, due to static “one-size-fits-all” forms they often require supplementations. By digitizing and automating the process you're putting an end to additional supplements while simplifying the operation for both your customers and underwriters.

- Fast time-to-market
- Use best practices of underwriting parameters
- Configuration after demands of services
- Decision support within insurance, health and underwriting