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Collect group insurance details in a seamless, digital and dynamic customer journey.

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Automation rate

€ 200k

In yearly savings compared to the previous solution.

Automate the group insurance registration

Brokers, insurance companies and distributors administrating group insurances usually carry complex rules and differences due to broad pricing and term models. The Group product provide customer-friendly experiences and cost-efficient administration. By avoiding supplemental cases and time-consuming manual tasks.

– Dynamic customer sign-up process
– Manage complex ruling and regulations
– Fast time-to-market
– Low IT maintenance

Complete cases, no supplements
Increased conversion rate

Goodbye manual tasks & customer confusion

Easily configure the product to your businesses rules and processes. Replace manual maintenance tasks with a digital customer-friendly group insurance administration. We always assist with industry knowledge when establishing your new automated process.

- Verify, identify and sign-up digital
- Align with your design and branding
- Modular structure - renew and edit with ease
- Version-based updates


Increasing customer satisfaction.

Coworkers with group insurance
Complete cases
Efficient administration
7 Assignees
Insured man filing a claim

Dynamic applications based on your rules

Achieve a seamless customer journey experience by automating processing tasks through the intelligent forms. Allowing you to scale your group insurance operations while delivering a modern, customer-first experience.

- Increased customer integrity
- Only collecting relevant customer information
- Configured to your demands