Wisentic Consent

Digitize consent collection – save both the insurance company's and customers' time.

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Average consent approval time

2 hrs

Reduce time of consent approval down to 2 hours.

Easing the processes of collecting consent

Most consent forms concerning medical records are managed by paper since most hospitals and clinics only use paper due to historic and GDPR reasons. Wisentic Consent manages consent processes digitally while saving both the customer and insurance company loads of time and administration.

- Digitally transformed and customer-friendly process
- Handle sensitive information according to standards and regulations
- Save the claims adjusters and underwriters time

From 2 weeks wait to 2 hours
Open API integrations

Consent approval in a minute

The effortless administrator portal saves claim administrators and underwriters from time-consuming tasks. Configure personal emails and text messages to the customer according to your company’s graphic profile. As an administrator, you send consent links to your customers and easily follow up on current status of your cases.

- Verify, identify and sign digitally
- Personalized messages to customers
- All personal data handled according to GDPR

39 sec

Is the fastest consent collection we have seen so far by a customer using Wisentic Consent.

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Collect consent from wherever

Administrators can easily send a digital link to the customer and get the signed consent back in the matter of minutes. This saves your company a ton of time in comparison to mailing consent requests by paper and eliminates the risk of an inaccurate returned consent. And policyholders don't have to wait.

- Finish underwriting or claim cases on a single occasion
- Configurable personal messages to customers