Automate veterinary claims settlements – achieve minimized handling and lower claims costs.

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Automation rate

€ 300k

In customers yearly savings compared to previous solution

Claims settlements within seconds

Streamline the insurance model with instant claim settlements. Assist the clinics 24/7 with automatic settlements, and profit from increased customer satisfaction. Insurers achieve an automation degree of 40 percent and the remaining 60 percent becomes semi-automated.

- High automation rate – 40 percent
- Semi-automate the remaining – with decision support
- Instant claims settlement operating 24/7

Automate your claims processes
Configured to your needs

Delivering cost control and uniformity with ease

Each invoice line is examined and common layouts are continuously established for automation efficiency. Since all steps of the clinic are embedded in the process, all data, regardless of clinic or record system – become equivalent and comparable. To obtain detailed statistics and provide the essentials for future management.

- Managing all formats – easy to get started
- Detailed and comparable statistics provide a prerequisite for procurement
- Covering all types of invoice formats, e.g. PDF, PNG, XML or e-invoice


Customers experience up to 50% in overall savings compared to previous claims management solution.

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Automation rate
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Decision automation saves your team tons of time

Processes any type of claim invoice on a line-by-line basis. Semi-automated invoices not passing the automation are assigned to claim adjusters, where highlighted fields point out why it requires a review. Payment records for veterinary visits usually consist of 30-50 percent customer receipts, and these are also automatically loaded into the module.

- Up to 50 percent lower claims handling
- Customer expenses and receipts are managed by the same method
- Increase customer satisfaction