The intelligent invoice automation module reduces costs in all aspects – escaping manual administration of car glass claims.

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Automation rate

€ 500k

in estimated yearly savings for our customers compared to P.Y.

Friction-free invoices proceed friction-free

Control car glass claims with automatic processing. For every incoming claim, the invoice is automatically read and calculated due to the policyholders existing insurance, ensuring the correct amounts have been charged. Simultaneously – pricing for windshields, glue and other supplements are controlled with present-day gross prices.

- Intelligent automation of car glass claims
- Decision support for semi-automated claims
- Gross price check-ups on a daily basis
- Detailed statistics and follow-up

Up to 80% automated claims
Remaining is semi-automated

Easing management & claims adjuster tasks

The module supports claims adjusters with effective guidance, presenting any invoice deviations on a line-by-line basis. This leaves claims adjusters with semi-automated cases, where highlighted fields point out exactly why a review is required. The application also integrates with car glass workshops, suppliers, exchangers and repairers – enabling collaboration with ease. You can even governance claims to your preferred repairers and vendors based on parameters like geographic proximity, engagement and service.

- Line by line loading
- Covering all types of invoice formats, e.g. PDF, PNG, XML or e-invoice
- Reduce overall claims administration by 70 percent
- Claim costs are reduced by 5-10 percent


reduced IT and system costs compared to previous processes.

Replacing a car windshield
Car glass claims
7 Assignees
Car glass replacer in a workshop

Insurers, workshops and the environment wins

Suppliers and partners retrieve any essential information via open APIs to automatically form the desired invoicing settings. Without ever leaving their ERP system – enabling increased repair frequency. This is not only reducing the claims costs for you as an insurer but also has a direct impact on supporting the industry's focus on sustainability.

- Reduce system costs for suppliers by € 3-4/claim
- Reduce administration for suppliers by € 6-8/claim
- Increase repair frequency – contributing to industry sustainability