Agria accelerates with AI

Agria accelerates with AI

Agria Pet Insurance has used automation for a subset of their claims management since 2009, to provide faster response times for customers and reduce the workload for claims adjusters. With continuous technological advancements, the volume of automated claims is steadily increasing.

Automation from start to settlement

Agria has been partnering with the insurtech company Wisentic to digitize incoming claims from clinics, enabling seamless communication between approximately 700 veterinary clinics and Agria's system. Wisentic interprets relevant information from receipts and facilitates claims settlement based on predefined rules.

Introducing AI for Enhanced Efficiency

Agria has started using an additional AI-driven service that digitizes incoming claims from any channel or medical record system, further reducing processing times. The AI-driven process, developed by Agria and Wisentic, enhances efficiency in claims settlement while providing faster service and payments to customers. It ensures uniform and structured claims documents, whether they are expense receipts or regular invoices.

Shorter lead times and higher accuracy

Agria now enjoys streamlined validation and handling of incoming payment documents, significantly reducing processing times. The AI technology consistently improves its ability to read and interpret payment documents with high precision, empowering increased automation. 

Leveraging AI beyond Sweden

Hanna Ronnysdotter, leading the project alongside Svenolov Modigh, expresses their positive outlook. Agria is enthusiastic about their collaboration with Wisentic and looks forward to exploring the potential of using AI technology for claims interpretation in their international operations, beyond Sweden.

The collaboration with Wisentic creates a seamless and transparent process where Agria's operations, policyholders, and veterinary clinics easily and swiftly can clarify insurance cases. With this, Agria continues to renew and enhance its offering within the pet insurance industry, says Monica Tuvelid, Head of Development at Agria.

Agria benefits from AI-driven data entry automation, reducing administrative tasks.

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